19 March 2010

Such a sad ending to a fairly good week....

I took my book The Artistic Mother to work and showed several people. I should have never let it leave my office.....lesson learned. Hopefully they will be inspired. But more selfishly it will show up next week.

Now I'm off to create flyers and brochures for an event to benefit our church's food pantry The Warehouse.


  1. Oh, no! I'm so sorry. I hope you get it back soon. Don't let it get you down and make you quit. You know who would just love that. You will not be defeated. You will be victorious.

  2. Oh no...you mean someone stole them!!!??? that is so wierd...you will be able to produce more beautiful pages for sure... but hope they turn up for you...xxx....

  3. Oh no! I guess you'll just have to come to TX and we can share ;) I hope it shows up soon! You're pages are wonderful!! Can't wait to see more.

  4. I guess I can't say someone stole it since I was showing and sharing but.... I WANT MY BOOK BACK! NOW! :)

    Shannon - I will glady share anything with you!

    Trudy - you are always so encouraging!

  5. wow....are you kidding? someone stole it? pretty annoying when you consider that i am not even working consistently at the moment & still managed to buy my own book....:(
    sorry that happened. chin up...:)