12 May 2012


May 11, 2012 was another eye reopening day. The events should not have been shocking or abnormal but rather a way of life...The Golden Rule. Sadly, life has seemed to be darkened of that rule for society.

A knock on the door began the ending. As a Highway Patrol stands with only a thin piece of glass between you and he, your heart sinks for a moment. As you are looking down avoiding any bad news you see a wallet in his hand and you smile. You exchange words confirming ownership, location found and contents.
"Everything is there....except the money."
"There was money?"
"Yes, he always carries a lot of cash but I couldn't tell you how much."

The door closes with the feeling of closure and wondering why someone would take the time to return a wallet after taking the money. Why one good deed and one wrong at the same time. The wallet was not weathered so it had been in someone's possession. The wallet had been lost on April 11, 2012 during a silly evening driving by old homesteads stopping to take pictures, getting in and out of the vehicle and the always funny "drive away and make him run to get in the car" stunts. The saga of the lost wallet caused 2 trips to the bank, 4 trips to the DMV, dumpster diving, and countless hours of conversations revolving the location of the wallet - even one scavenger hunt to try and find it.

The eye reopening ending? Attempting to be funny, the returned wallet was served in a dinner plate with a napkin over it. After moments of confusion like "are you saying you don't want to cook and we are eating out?" it becomes a reality. As the story is being told about the Highway Patrol and any information, which was little the statement "of course they took your money" was made and the emotion that was received caused a moment of silence.

"Maybe a homeless person found my wallet and they needed the money for food or a house." There it was - in the middle of huge, running tears from the bottom of his heart breaking for someone with less than him the action that should remind us all of the priorities of life.

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