09 July 2010

Where I have been.....

The title of my blog WHY NOT BOTH is very appropriate for me.

1. I don't see why we have to limit ourselves in life
2. I need to learn how to master the "BOTH"

This seems to be the year of replacements. Phone, Camera and now a laptop (still waiting on this one as it was definately not in the budget)....so I'm still around.

I'm still doing the Artistic Mother projects. I'm still working too much. I'm still traveling. I'm still having fun. I'm still tired. I'm still excited. I'm still missing out on things. I'm still creating. I'm still learning my new camera. I'm still looking forward to the future. I'm still wanting more.....

I will post pictures soon of my projects. I have varied a bit into my own versions of the projects. I think I've found some things in the projects that I really enjoy and have been "perfecting" those techniques. This year has been a very good creative year for me and for that I am very grateful!

Until pics...have a great weekend!