28 April 2011

Positively Splendid: Elmer's Craft & Tell Party Showcase

My very first participation in another blog CRAFT & TELL. This was so much fun! (~and who knows maybe this will make me post more often on my own blog!)

10 April 2011

It's Sunday....and the start of some things new

I'm not making an announcement.  I'm not making major changes....at least not yet.  I am however, going to concentrate on the things that are important to me.  What's important to me should be given the focus and the priority in my days - right?  RIGHT!  I will no longer be trying to squeeze them in when I get the chance.  The things that are not important to me will be the things I try to squeeze in - if at all.

And on another note...very excited about these possibilities!
You should check them out!