26 March 2010

On Location

This week the big draw in Springfield was Dog the Bounty Hunter. He was at a local bookstore...I avoided the crowd and went across the street. This is a much better choice and we should have a book signing with long lines for this book. (PS - I was really tempted to move the Mxxxxx Sxxxxxx books below and replace with The Artistic Mother. Too afraid I would be in trouble. I did however move the "Big A$$ Book of something or other book from the picture"!)
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  1. like your style...lol...its so hard to get in australi, which is such a shame...but i now have mine...big sigh of relief...great photo...lol...xxx

  2. Love your post! Thanks for sharing and for your kind comment, Kristin xo

  3. Heee, I totally would've swapped out TAM for something more prominent! :)