12 March 2010

My vision statement is a short term one for now

While I am very excited about this group and the projects; I am most thankful we have two weeks to complete them. Why is it that everytime I think "I'm going to do so much this week" when Friday comes I look back and say "Where did the week go and why didn't I get anything done"?

SO.....my short term vision is this: Friday night I WILL begin my papers and Saturday before I do my work at the Food Pantry the Warehouse I WILL stamp my papers. I WILL be finished by the close of Sunday.

If this group is about challenging and accountability then this is my pledge and open invitation to anyone to question me on Monday if I have not posted my project.


  1. Great plan.

    I do the same thing. The end of the week gets here and I think, where did the week go and what have I gotten done?

    Remember, part of what we are trying to accomplishment here is not to do one big, or several big, sessions of art. We are trying to do a little each day, a few minutes at a time. Each day do one step and put it away. For example, one day plan your project. Next day gather your supplies. Next day gesso your papers. Next day paint them. That's the only way we can truly fit art into our busy schedules. If we do too much at a time, we may tire ourselves out and hit burnout. So pace yourself and don't expect too much. By the end of the month and end of the year, you will be amazed at how much you have accomplished.

  2. Ah yes, I can relate. Since starting the goals...weekly goals to be more specific. It has helped. It is easy to say...I will have more time tomorrow...I will wait and start tomorrow. Sometimes you have to grab the 10-15 minutes you have one day just to get it started. Even if it is just gathering the art supplies!