09 December 2010

A typical Thursday

So this morning I wake up at 5:34am. Not bad for having to be working at 6:00am!
Pull up my bed hair and rat it.
Dressed by 5:40am – broken zipper in sweater – just decided it was a fashion statement
Gather “stuff” by 5:45am
Walking to car by 5:47am
Go back in for keys which are NEVER in the house at 5:49am
Land flat on my back after surfing on the ripped space bag remnant on the garage floor (story in of itself about RADAR and packing the car)
Got in car by 5:57am
Realized no gas – so coasted into work parking lot – praying that I can at least get across the street for gas at noon. (Can a car even start in these cold temps without gas?)
FLEW to work and while driving I had a productive cough (dainty way of say that wasn’t it!) so for the first time in my life I was going to SPIT out my window…..yes I remembered to roll down the window. I just apparently didn’t realize what force you need to put behind spit to make it leave the vehicle and ended up with drool down my shoulder and on the rim of the window so then digging for Kleenex, napkin, clothing, paper ANYTHING I realize I’m driving down National in the median. NO COPS and thank goodness they can only use the cameras for running red lights!
and walked in the door at 6:00am

IT’S BEEN A GREAT DAY SO FAR AND CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT ADVENTURES AWAIT……my bed calls at 3:45PM today and I’m not sure that I will show my face until 5:00AM tomorrow!


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