30 November 2010

So excited!

I am a terrible blogger. Step 1 taken. :).

Actually, I often fall in to the category of blogger titled "What do I have to show and why would anyone want to peek at my life?". Well today I am so excited!

I participated in the handmade gift exchange sponsored by Craftaholic Anonymous. I have mailed my package. I certainly hope my partner for this exchange is as happy about this exchange as I am.

I made a book from scratch. Even the binder! It's my first and I hope it's not beginners luck! I challenged myself to not purchase one item for this gift. (I might be a hoarder hidden behind the logical "I can repurpose that" mentality.) I met my challenge and I do not believe that is apparent in the finished product.

Thank you to Craftaholic Anonymous for this exchange. And a huge thank you to Shona Cole with An Artistic Mother for starting 2010 with art for me. It's been too long!

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