30 July 2011

Happy Birthday Candie and a Homemade Exchange

Happy Birthday Candie! 

I participated in Craftaholics Anonymous handmade craft exchange in June 2011.  I had participated in December 2010 and really enjoyed the challenge as well as meeting someone on the other side of the States.  This time I was fortunate to be matched with Candie.  We had so much in common!  Candie shared her passion for travel and the beach.  Our favorite beaches are just about as far apart as possible in the US but the focus is the peace and serenity that is found at the beach and all the memories that are retained.  Candie also loves Britain and she had the opportunity to stay there for a period of time several years ago.  I wanted to make her something Britain inspired but nothing felt right.  I opted to make her a recycled journal designed around her home and her favorite beach spot.  (I'll post about what I made her later.)

I was so excited the day the package arrived.  I had been anxiously awaiting and looking at the mailbox or porch for a couple of days.  It's amazing how the days drug along waiting to find out if my package had arrived.  There is always so much anticipation involved in receiving something from someone you have never met and only exchanged a couple of emails with.  Let me tell you the wait was well worth it!  I was so happy to see a nautical themed gift.  I think it is just the cutest ever!  AND I love that Candie put in a picture of the sunset of the Pacific.  I've added two pictures; one of the water of the back of a ship (my favorite view on a cruise) and one of the sunset off the Emerald Coast.

Today is Candie's birthday so I thought it was appropriate to save this blog post for her day!  Thanks for the wonderful gift and memory!  I hope you have enjoyed your birthday and your wishes come true!

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