11 November 2007

First Post!

This is the very first post! How exciting! I've been reading blogs of friends for a long time and have finally decided that I would join the on-line communication age! I look forward to posting all (well most or some) of the events in my life so you can better know me (and my family).

Keep watching ~ I've got some fun things coming up!

This is my brother and I on one of our cruises!

1 comment:

  1. I love that pix! You look gorgeous! And Michael looks very handsome with the hat on! I was going to let u all know that I am also starting a blog for Michaels racing pix & videos. I have put some short videos of him racing that are pretty neat.(he is in the black car with the white helmet on) I 4got to put that in the post! RACNFAM4U.blogspot.com is the address. Talk to u soon!